Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Vision for Church

Life is a journey. Journeys require movement. They call for preparation. Journeys of significance always lead to change. They lead to growth within the persons on them.
We believe our life with God – who is Creator and Lord of our lives – is a journey. We believe the church is God’s vehicle for achieving God’s intentions for the world. God is putting all things back together. God is making things right, again. This is our vision of what part Waverly Hall UMC plays.
We are…
Gathering to grow as mature followers of Jesus Christ. Going out to lead lives of significance for God’s Kingdom.
Do you get the sense of the movement within the statement? First of all, there is the gathering of persons. This happens primarily in worship, and without question, exclusively because our members are inviting others to join us here. The purpose of the gathering is that we might grow. Grow into God’s best desires for us. Grow to be like Jesus.
That is not enough, though. Inward movement, this gathering of persons, even for the high goal of growth, is not sufficient on its own. We are always going out from this place to be engaged in our community. We want to be significant in how we influence and serve others. We are called to work for God’s Kingdom purposes. We are making disciples for the transformation of the world.
Our leadership is continuing the long journey of living into what these ideas mean for this great church. I am thrilled that you are a part this. Otherwise, join us.

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