Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting the Answers Right

   Jay Leno, who debuted for a second time as host of the Tonight Show, has again made popular the concept of a roving sidewalk-reporter. His 'Jaywalking' sketches feature easy questions that draw crazy responses from the average gal or guy on the street. On the few occasions that I'm still up that late, I find these hilarious. But despite the humor, we know that we are not best measured by words, are we? For as funny or serious, or right or wrong, our words can be, we know actions to be much truer indicators of who we are.
   Every congregation will make statements about their love for children, and the value they place on having children involved. Think about the place Jesus gave them in Mark 10:14.  What about our actions? One of the great blessings our church is in the midst of experiencing is the growing presence of children every Sunday morning. Their energy, and the hope that accompanies them, are great encouragement for us all. How do we give the right answer, beyond mere words, when asked about how we value children? 
   We teach them right from wrong, and show them the love of Jesus. We listen to their silly stories, knowing that they are watching how we live out our own life-stories. We have fun with them in play, and give them room to be serious, too. Each of those moments happens best when adults, in groups of two, are working with small groups of children. This very formula helped create a great week of Vacation Bible School.
   Committed adults stepped forward this week for training in new ministries that will allow these very things to happen.  Volunteers are also trained and abide by our Safe Sanctuaries protocol, because we will do whatever it takes to protect our children and our leaders. These are leaders willing to use gifts to teach, serve, and play with kids. 
   Every time a leader stoops over to be present in the life of a child, they are giving answers that speak volumes - sometimes without ever saying a word.  That is how right belief leads to right action. Grace and Peace, Scott

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