Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Note Saying Thank You

   I read a while back about a fellow in Nemo, Texas, who decided to thank some people around him.  He chose garbage workers and the crews who help us keep our homes, yards, and streets clean.  He took a picture of his 20-year-old garbage can and mailed it, along with a letter of thanks, to the head of the sanitation department in Dallas.  A few days later he got a letter in response, thanking him for his letter but admitting it had caused a problem in the office.  Though they had been in operation for decades, his was the first thank-you letter they have ever received and they had no place to file it!  
   We talk about saying thanks in the church all the time. It often sounds churchy, too.  Of course, we say thanks to God, who is the giver of all good things.  We are to be thankful for life and the abundance of blessings we have and continue to receive from God.  But could it be that the concept of giving thanks might be expanded?
   There are some people around us who deserve to hear 'Thanks' from time to time.  I can think of teachers, public safety workers, nurses, and custodians.  The list is extensive.  Most of us think about those whose contributions, now, make a difference, now, in our lives.  But what about saying thanks to those who served before?
   I want to say thanks to our nation's Veterans.  For those whose service, and sacrifice, made a difference then.  I hope we are all aware that their service continues to make a difference now. For those who serve now, and for those with loved ones serving, thank you.  Truth be told, if we all wrote a letter for every moment, every instance, every milestone that we were able to experience because of the freedom given us by the Veterans of our nation's military, there would not be a building large enough to file them all.
   May we be those counted as thankful.  Grace and Peace to you, Scott

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