Tuesday, June 14, 2011

50 is a Good Number

   Vacation Bible School is bigger. Vacation Bible School is about singing, dancing, running, jumping, praying, learning, doing, undoing, making, talking, learning, listening, and lots of fun. 
   It is noteworthy, living in a world stricken with financial fears and concerns, that nary a nickel will come into the church coffers in the next decade from any of the children who attended this week's Vacation Bible School. Jesus speaks in Matthew 25 about the 'least of these' around us: those whose outward appearance regularly causes us to look past them or ignore them altogether. In many ways, children most perfectly describe the concept of the least of these. They take up more time, money, and energy than they give back in the short-run.  So, why would the 50 folks listed below give up the better part of a week to be present and active at VBS? 
   Vacation Bible School is bigger than any short-term payoff. VBS is about winning in our long-term mission: to make disciples of Jesus Christ of all ages to help transform the world for God's Kingdom. Help me this coming week by saying a word of thanks to these volunteers who helped accomplish our mission in a big way at VBS.

Alyssa Morris
Amanda Morris
Andrea Carbaugh
Barbie Morris
Ben Hale
Blake Waters
Brittany Farmer
Buddy Dunn
Carolyn Gambill
Cheryl Jandreau
Debra Ledbetter
Diane Champagne
Diane Morris
Dot Merritt
Elizabeth Ledbetter
Frances Phillips
Fraser Woolridge
Gary Ledbetter
Harold Morris
Hayden Minix
Hayden Newman
Helen Howard
Helen Pharris
Jackie Jenrette
Janie Nellums
Jean Morris
Jeanne Guilbeault
Josh Simmons
Julie Hagan
Kyle Jackson
Leslie Morris
Lyn Pharris
Margaret Gosden
Maria Hale
Martha Conklin
Matthew Ledbetter
Melonie Phillips
Natalie Morris
Nicole Farrar
Payton Mobayyeni
Reese Phillips
Regina Bridges
Robert Conner
Sara Renner
Scott Hagan
Skylar Smith
Susan Dunn
Suzy Revell
Vicky Griffin
Walter Champagne

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