Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If You Build It...

 We want good things spoken about us. We want people to say kind things. We want them to say significant things.
  Beyond words, we want people to think good things about us, and feel a certain way about us. We want our parents to be proud of us. We want our children to be proud of us. We want people to think highly of who we are and believe in that for which we stand. We want to live wit excellence.
  We want people to remember us. We want to leave a legacy. To believe that our time here, or there, or wherever, was spent well and that it made a difference. We want others to be able to sustain our dreams beyond our lives on earth.
  Beyond the here and the present, we want these words, thought, feelings and memories to survive us. But how? How do we shape a life that causes that? What can we do to shape the life of our dreams - the life that others notice for the good?

   We believe that history has shown repeatedly certain core elements that every life shares in common. What are they? How can we find them? How can we see them already present in our own lives? Is it too late for me? Did I miss my opportunity to live the life of my dreams? (What would it be like to meet Kevin Costner?)
   With a nod to Field of Dreams, the 1989 film that starred Kevin Costner, the teachings in worship in August will delve into the concepts of calling, faith, forgiveness, and vision. They are found throughout the movie, throughout the Scriptures, and even throughout our own lives.
   Join us in worship for truths that our lives are yearning to hear, and on Friday, August 12 to screen a movie that was an instant classic.
   Grace and Peace, Scott

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