Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Helicopter Parents" Ruin Easter Egg Hunt

   Did you read or see the story out of Colorado Springs this week? Read it here. It seems organizers of an annual Easter egg hunt attended by hundreds of children have canceled this year’s event, citing the bad behavior of parents who swarmed into the park last year, determined that their kids get an egg. Instead of a few moments of fun and adventure by children searching and finding, too many parents had jumped a rope set up to allow only children into Bancroft Park in a historic area of Colorado Springs. Organizers say the event has outgrown its original intent of being a neighborhood event. Parenting observers cite the cancellation as a prime example of so-called “helicopter parents” - those who hover over their children and are involved in every aspect of their children’s lives - sports, school, and increasingly work — to ensure that they don’t fail, even at an Easter egg hunt.
   There is so much to say, and so little room to say it. 
  • First, aren't we glad the miracle of Jesus' love for us and the power of God's over death cannot be ruined by pushy parents! These are the real events of Easter. 
  • Second, it is getting more and more difficult to parent well these days. We want our children to grow, but worry so much that their growth might be hindered by a fall or a failure or a lack of something that we are tempted to meddle where we shouldn't.  
  • Finally, the church is needed more than ever to speak the wonderful words of life into the families in our community. The truth of God's abundance and love for us would do wonders to ease anxieties and fears.

   This is what ORANGE is all about, and certainly what we are setting out to do at this weekend's  Family Picnic and Easter Eggs-travaganza. We want families of every size from ! on up to join us on Saturday afternoon. Come help us show our neighbors the love of Jesus and have fun doing it.

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