Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am the Church

I am the church.....
The great Creator drew the plans for me within his heart of love.
The great architect gave his dearest possession that I might be erected.
My one and only foundation is his Son - whose body was nailed to a tree.
My cornerstone - the stone which the builders rejected - is Christ himself.
My walls - placed without the sound of hammers - were built with the blood of the martyrs.
My steeple points upward toward the great Architect, builder throughout eternity.
From my belfry rings out the call to worship to multitudes of all ages.
My door swings open to all people of every condition and age, bidding them welcome.
In my sanctuary there is -
  Peace for troubled minds,
  Rest for weary bodies,
  Compassion for suffering humanity,
  Forgiveness for repentant sinners,
  Communion with the saints,
  And Christ for all who seek him.
(poem by Beulah Hughes)

   This is one of the 277 poems and clippings that my grandfather passed on to my brother, cousin, and myself to use in our preaching and ministry. I cannot find it on the Internet, yet here it is. It is interesting and peculiar, to be honest. We are so trained by the children's song to think of the church as you and me and not a building, that a poem written in the 'voice' of the structure where we gather for worship and ministry is striking.
   Yet, there is much truth here. God created the church and God's plans for her are mighty. We are to partner in ushering in the Kingdom of God. We are called to continue the mighty acts of Jesus Christ, just like the first apostles did in the Book of Acts.
   Read the poem one more time and consider all of the work of God and the sacrifices of God's people throughout the ages that have given to us this opportunity to be a part of God's amazing work of grace in the world. Humbling. Inspiring. Daunting.
   Grace and peace, Scott

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