Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Body and Soul

   It is widely known that John Wesley, the founder of the movement that now includes an estimated 75 million people worldwide, was methodical in the way he approached theology and practice. He was intentional. He did very little without good reason or for a specific purpose. He was also deliberate to connect how he followed Jesus in his soul with how he lived with his whole body.
   One of the ways Wesley would help the believers in his small groups and soon-flourishing movement to keep both connected was with a question to start every meeting: How is it with your body and soul? It was as penetrating a question then as it is now. To be honest, we often neglect one or the other (or both!). The causes of either one getting out of whack, so to say, are often very similar. We get busy, or fall behind, or get stressed, or get out of our routines. Something more pressing comes along one day and then something the next and, suddenly, we are off track. But both are important. We should be as committed to caring for our hearts as our bodies. 
   If the Season of Lent is preparing my soul for the great joy of Easter, what am I doing for my body? I recommend walking for a great cause as one idea.

   The Open Door Walk Classic is celebrating its 26th year.  Last year is was moved from downtown to the Columbus State main campus. It will again be held this year on Saturday, March 9, at the Mock Pavilion by the Intramural Field at CSU. The main events are a 5K Run that starts at 8:00 AM and the Walk which starts at 9:00 AM . 
   As a member of the Open Door board for the past three years, I have been blessed to witness the amazing leadership and service they offer to families and this community. Open Door is making a difference. I have also seen this event become one of the best-run fundraisers around. Epworth has come out to support this in the past and this year will be better than ever. Of course, our connection to Open Door through its founders at Hamp Stevens over eight decades ago makes this all the more special. Beyond the walking to raise support for Open Door, there will be live music and a hot dog lunch for a small donation. Dogs are welcome, simply bring a rabies record. For more information, visit the Open Door website or call (706) 323-5518. 

   May we seek after God's best desires for us with our body and soul. Peace, Scott

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