Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Don't Stop Halfway

   The Peachtree Road Race runs this week. The world's largest 10 kilometer race, the event attracts 60,000 runners of all ages and paces eager to take part in the Fourth of July tradition. I know our own Jack Phillips ran it for over two decades, and I'm sure others have run it, as well. I am a not really a runner, but I do run a little. I've faithfully made my way to a local gym - with a couple of poor weeks as exceptions - since the end of January, and have endured the treadmill as a way to keep my heart in shape. I am a long way from being able to complete a 5k, much less a 10k like the Peachtree. 
   The best part of a treadmill is that you control the distance and pace. That is also the worst part. It is easy to slow down in the middle. But, imagine if the runners in the Peachtree just slowed down to a walk. It would complicate and confuse the whole thing. Running is about finishing and faithfulness. 

   Epworth has been running the faithful race given to those first women and men back in 1960. The vision of planting a church for a neighborhood filled with families was awesome, and we want kept that vision. Like the writer of Hebrews said, "let’s also run the race that is laid out in front of us, since we have such a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us." We are showing families of every size the amazing love of God. We are lifting others up on the journey. 
   We are faithful to our vision because Epworth people have continued to commit their passions, their time and their money. Financial stewarship matters. Every contribution keeps us going, and every gift, of every size, is an act of faith in the vision God first gave and we still embrace. With the addition of online giving, folks can support this vision in worship on Sunday or at anytime during the week. Your gifts are precious and they make a difference. 
   The world needs good news. Jesus Christ, putting the world back together through the work of God's people, is good news. It is the best news. Epworth's leadership keeps the ministry in front of us and prevents the 'crisis mindset' from creeping in. The evidence of it working can be seen in the hallways, classrooms, mission partners, and lives of Epworth people. 
   At the halfway point of this year and midway through this race we are on, we cannot stop now. Epworth is about  finishing and faithfulness. 
   Grace and peace, Scott

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