Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seeing It Written Down Helps Me

   I am a visual learner. Many folks are like me, in this regard. I often imagine ideas or concepts drawn out on a whiteboard in my mind and, if you've ever been in a meeting with me, you know I often gravitate to a board to make lists or connect the dots. So, I won't to circle back to some of the content from Sunday so people can see it written out. Consider these Three Keys to Cultivating Contentment
1) Ask about a possible purchase: “For How Long Will This Make Me Happy?”
2) Develop a Grateful Heart in All Things
3) Return to the Question: Where Does My Soul Find True Satisfaction?
   In addition to cultivating contentment in our lives, we need to cultivate simplicity. Contentment and simplicity go hand in hand. So I talked about these Five Steps for Simplifying Our Lives
1) Set a Goal of Reducing Your Consumption, and Live Below Your Means.
2) Before a Purchase Ask Yourself, “Do I Really Need This? & Why Do I Want This?”
3) Use Something Up Before Buying Something New
4) Plan Low-cost Entertainment That Enriches

5) Ask Yourself, “Are There Major Changes That Would Allow Me to Simplify My Life?”
   This Sunday we take one more step asking, "What defines your life? Is it wealth? Belongings? Faith?" Many of us live with a scarcity mentality, worried that we must gather and hoard as much as possible, saving for some imagined “rainy day.” Or we focus on self-gratification: spend it right now. But, the Bible promises both God’s blessings and joy for those who choose to live another way. During this coming Sunday’s service, we will take action to change our lives by setting five specific personal goals to work toward over the next year. We invite you to complete a Personal Goals and Commitment card and place it in your Bible for your personal reference in the coming year. Seeing it written down helps!
   One of these five commitments is your estimate of giving for the coming year. This week, you will be receiving an estimate of giving commitment card in the mail. On a practical level, we ask our members to turn in estimate of giving cards each year so that our Finance Committee is able to set an accurate ministry budget for the coming year. This helps us be good stewards. On a personal level, the commitment card is an opportunity for you to spend time in prayer and reflection, considering what offering you would make to God through our church in the coming year. Please be watching for the mailing next week, then fill out the card and bring it with you to worship next Sunday. You will also be able to pledge online at epworthumc.com.
   Grace and Peace, Scott

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