Tuesday, December 17, 2013

God Said Go

   Sunday's worship services, featuring the rhythm of alternating scripture with song, were a welcome change of pace to the driving hustle and bustle that many of us are experiencing beyond the confines of the Sanctuary. Sunday offered music and truth and song and prophecy. I love it when our people literally hear and see the good news on display - the dozens of people who shared their talents embodied that. They were generously sharing from the abundance God has given to them. 
   Those were great moments of worship. But, we are called to live outside the Sanctuary. We are a people who are sent. This was the purpose of the Great Commission in Matthew 28 when Jesus said, "Go...." He said more than that, but one word captures a lot. We are not built to stay put basking in the warm candlelight of even the best moments of worship. Interestingly, the same word is used at the start of Jesus' story. When told of the birth happening just up the hill from their fields and flocks, the shepherds knew they were supposed to, "Go...."
   Our Missions Committee challenges us every month with a different agency or cause in town that is deserving of a portion of our abundance. One of the ways we live out the call to "Go" is through our annual Christmas Offering. Helping our neighbors in great need this Christmas season makes my list of things that are right and good. 
   The Epworth Christmas Offering goes to support three of our key partners in ministry with specific goals in mind: Open Door Community House ($2,000), the Wynnton Neighborhood Network ($1,000), and Brown Bag of Columbus ($1,000), and the total received will be shared among them. If you feel led to give beyond your regular contribution to Epworth, consider making a gift in honor or memory of loved ones, or receive a certificate to give as a present at Christmas. 
   Grace and Peace, Scott

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