Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Checking in. Where are we?

  The Building Committee continues to serve this congregation well through the two projects that Epworth has going on right now. We can all see the results of the renovations that are happening to our interior. Plans for expanding the rear parking lot are in the works, as well. They have met multiple times, kept in touch through countless emails, and checked in on a weekly basis through their presence in worship and in the office each week. A building project requires communication and checking in. I have been blessed to be involved in an up close way on this project. Many conversations with Andy Rolling, the general contractor that is leading our work, happen each week. Most of them are simply for the purpose of checking in. How are we doing? Where are we? What is next?
  There are other important projects happening simultaneous to the work in our hallways. A group of about a dozen of Epworth's leaders have been meeting since January. We are engaged in a process for discerning God's unique vision for Epworth. The last three sessions have all been driven by broad questions. They have sought to determine what we do (our mission), why we do it (our core values) and how we do it (our map for ministry). There are more questions ahead. In the end, the vision team will be excited to share with the congregation where we've been, where we are, and where we are going, with God's leading. 
I hope we've all been engaged in another project, too. These six weeks leading up to Easter are intended to build within us the anticipation of God's ongoing work of saving us through Jesus Christ. My encouragement to observe moments of silence is also a way of checking in: not with the general contractor here on earth, but with the great builder who is it work in our minds and souls. These questions are before us: how are we doing, where are we, and what is next? 
  I encourage you to continue in the Lenten observance of seeking God and listening to the spirit. I, also, encourage you to join us on Thursday, April 17, in our sanctuary for our Maundy Thursday service. We remember Jesus' final words before his arrest and betrayal, and celebrate again the holy moments of Communion. 
  Grace and Peace, Scott.

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