Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Power Near and Far

   Our toilet started running about a week ago. Not all the time, of course, but every few minutes the sound of flowing water would indicate that more water was needed to keep the float at the right level in the tank. This is not the way it is supposed to work. It wastes water and keeps people up at night. People like me!
   While I know a couple of things about toilets, everything I knew to try did not apply. The flapper was not warped due to age and there was no water leaking onto the floor. I was stumped.
   I saw Billy Bullock, one of Epworth’s newer members (he and Alison joined in December), in a meeting about serving at Rose Hill this week and asked him. Billy is one of those guys who can fix lots of things. Lots. He told me two things to consider - check the flapper again and maybe reduce the water flow at the wall because the pressure could be too high. Then, about an hour later, he called me because he thought of one more thing to try. You guessed it, that third thing worked. If you’re wondering, he had me pop the plastic cap off of the float stem, with the water turned off at the wall, and then turn it back on slowly to knock any sediment out of the supply line that might have kept it from filling all the way every time. Honestly, I have no idea how it worked, but it did! Billy has that kind of power.
   People like Billy impress me. And, Epworth has lots of people like Billy. People who are good at stuff. People who have expertise and gifts and who are willing to share them. Epworth is filled with people who serve and give generously. This phrase is the last line of our Missional Measures, Epworth G.L.O.W.S., that define what Epworth people look like when our ministries have been successful. We believe that God intends for all of us to shine the light of Jesus.
   Along with having a quiet commode, I also love the fact that Billy’s power was exerted from afar. Sometimes we can have great influence from a distance. The Gentile Centurion that approaches Jesus in Luke 7, knows that Jesus can heal from a distance and Jesus marvels at his faith. Our prayers and our gifts are two obvious examples. Then, there are times that God’s power through us is best offered up close. We have to draw near to make a difference.The youth people are doing that this week, having driven twelve hours to Washington D. C. It is also what happens every week in our church when adults offer the power of God’s love and care to our children. 
   We are called to draw close to serve and bring about God’s Kingdom. Our Vision for Epworth in the next eighteen months is to help every person become actively engaged every month in ministries that are transforming the community. Imagine seeing God’s power at work near and far when that happens! 
   Grace and Peace, Scott

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