Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hugs, Help Moving Boxes, Hospitality and a Humble Word of Appreciation

   We are humbled. The welcome we have received, from the very first phone call from Claire Chapman to the very last dessert brought to our door, has been a blessing. The list of tangible ways that this congregation has extended hospitality to our family is lengthy: hugs, helping move boxes, bringing food, balloons on the mailbox, helping move furniture, kind notes, beautiful flowers, helping move boxes, words of welcome by email, prayers that are written and spoken, helping move furniture, smiles, handshakes, helping move boxes, and offers to do even more in the days ahead. I am sure that I left some things
out, but did I mention how much we appreciate the help with moving boxes and furniture? That was awesome. I am unable to list every person who has already helped, but I must mention Linda Dykes for her exceptional work in this transition. She walked us through a truly magnificent home on Wednesday upon our arrival that was the product of the consistent effort of a host of people.
   We have met a few dozen people already, but please continue the grace-filled kindness of reminding us of your names for at least a month or so. We need the help! We will begin reviewing the Church Directory on Sunday evening to connect names with faces we've met so far, but it is a slow process, as you all know.
   Let me say a word of appreciation to Jay and Cathy, Mary Catherine and Ross, for the amazing ministry they have helped to steward for these eight years. Bonaire is not the same since they arrived here in 2007. I have long had a lengthy list of reasons to admire them and various points of connection and friendship, but their grace in this transition has been tremendous. They are good people, in the best sense of the term.
   I hope to meet you in worship and see you again soon - possibly as a volunteer at VBS this coming week!
   Grace and peace to you, Scott

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  1. So glad y'all made it! Blessings and hugs! Keep me in the loop!