Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Christmas and Easter

But when the fulfillment of the time came, God sent his Son, born through a woman, and born under the Law. 
- Galatians 4:4

   The early church did not believe that the circumstances of Jesus' entrance into the world were by chance, or some random event. Paul captures this perfectly when he writes that God was operating in the fullness of time.
   I think one of the greatest contributions that the church has offered to the world - right alongside covered-dish suppers, Easter egg hunts, and the perfection of a baby dressed in white being baptized as God and all the congregation looks on - are the seasons of Advent and Lent. They each offer a period of time in which to prepare for the great thing to come. Advent reminds us that we are in need of a savior: the child born at Christmas. Lent reminds us of our mortality, our sin, our utter helplessness: right up to the point that Jesus conquers all of this out of his amazing grace and unconditional love.
   I love Christmas and Easter people, because we worship a Christmas and Easter God. We worship a God whose timing is always perfect - even when we are not. We worship a God whose plans are always magnificent - even we fail to follow through with them all. We worship a God whose forgiveness is unmatched - and for that I am most grateful.
   The morning that we have waited, prayed for, and read toward is arriving. May Easter come with our hearts filled with the hope that Jesus provides. Grace and peace, Scott

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