Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow | All happening right now

   By the time Sunday has arrived, we will have spent three nights with children and families in the craziest week of the year - Vacation Bible School. In just three hours a night, for a total of only nine hours, our goal was to have every child play, eat, run, jump, sing, dance, and sit still just long enough to hear this clear message: God made each of them special in order for each of them to make a difference.
   We are so blessed to have women and men who are willing to engage children at VBS and throughout the year to make them feel special and share the love of God. As I walked through the halls this week I saw child after child spellbound by the volunteers standing in front and alongside of them. Ask a kid what was happening right then, they would have named the activity and maybe the names of the people in the room. Of course, I saw history being made.
   Kids are only kids. They only see "now." To them, adults just drove them to school, ate a meal with them, told them a story, bought some groceries, or played ball in the driveway. But, adults know better. Adults see that yesterday, today, and tomorrow are connected. 
   Being present in the life of a child makes history by connecting the right now of today with their tomorrows. We have the power to prepare them for challenges and triumphs, good and bad, tough and terrific. We can teach them faithfulness even when the world seems to be falling apart. 
   May this Father's Day be a reminder to men and women everywhere that the moments we spend with children help shape eternity. Grace and peace, Scott

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