Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Throw Your Best at the Problem

   The subway system of New York City is wishing it were not in the news so frequently, lately. The system has experienced 32,000 delays in the past year, caused by overcrowding, crumbling tunnels, and an out-dated signal system that will take one billion US dollars and 50 years to fully replace. Did you know over 6 million passengers board the trains every day? They enter at any of the 472 stations along the routes that run under four boroughs. Earlier this week, to address some of the manageable causes of the delays, they deployed 1500 workers one night along the lines to make repairs.
   I know Houston County is a long way from New York City and very little about the subway makes you think about the church, but we do the same thing down here. We throw our best stuff - people - at our biggest concerns and challenges:

  • When Jesus’ spoke to his disciples in his final moments before ascending to heaven, he told them to go.
  • When we learn someone lost a loved one unexpectedly, we go (with food).
  • When the Spirit moves us to feed and clothe our neighbors, we go get friends to help make it happen.
  • When we see an elderly neighbor needs help sprucing up his yard, we grab some gloves and go.
  • When our friend rises to make their way down front to pray at the altar, we go.
  • When the truck drops off tons of food to be packed and shipped around the world with Rise Against Hunger, we go pitch in.

   The same is true for the families who gather with us every week. There is no greater responsibility than that of raising the next generation, so we send our people as parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, foster and adoptive parents, and even kind neighbors to help shine the light of Jesus on the concerns and challenges of growing up.
   We believe the church is called to partner with families to shine the light of Jesus into our kids’ worlds. This is so important, we throw our best at it every week: you.
Grace and peace, Scott

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