Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sabbath Violations in...My Car?

Sabbath is the ancient practice of persons of faith of recognizing a day, or even longer, of rest for the purpose of celebrating God's provisions in our lives. It finds its origins in the very first words of the Hebrew Scriptures (Genesis 1), and is then woven throughout the fabric of the story of God's people. Observing the Sabbath is given a place of prominence in the Decalogue, also simple the Ten Words and what we call the Ten Commandments.

Sabbath is one of the most underutilized gifts God has given. I will go further to say that it is being observed less and less to our great detriment. Modern women and men struggle more and more with embracing concepts of regular rest, as they submit to the increasing demands of work, the pursuit of success, and the difficult act of balancing these things with family and other demands.

But now I hear that it could be affecting my car? Stop the madness!

Toyota announced this past week that 2.3 millions cars were being recalled because the accelerator pedal was found to be potentially defective and in some cases would stick or be slow in returning. This has tragically resulted in more than 60 accidents and even four deaths on the day after Christmas. It seems that there is no easy answer to the solution, either. Some of you know I purchased a used Toyota in the Fall, and this news prompted me to investigate immediately. I was relieved to learn that while the recall involves a huge array of their models, it does not include mine. You can learn more from Toyota.

The lesson returns to our own need to know when to slow down and even stop. Things go very badly when we get stuck at one speed. We were not designed that way. We have been created to work, play and rest. All of these things bring Glory to the One who created us.

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