Friday, January 1, 2010

Where We've Seen God This Year

I came across this article on some 'Pop-Culture' website, and I must admit the title intrigued me. It sounded more like a sermon than something you'd find on the web.

Check it out - Where We've Seen God This Year - with this link to the article.

Of course, those images are funny and a bit freaky, but do prove a point - we can find God anyway. But haven't we found God in more substantial ways that just in random food?

I have seen God in the changed lives of close friends I know - some of whom I did not know at all just one year ago. I have seen the traces of God in the writings of children who offered their favorite scripture verses to be used on walls in their newly renovated Ministry Area. I have felt God's presence as I stood close by some of my closest friends as they took vows that will change their lives forever. I continue to see the spark of God appear in the eyes of total strangers when they confront me, ask for help, or point me in the direction I'm supposed to be going.

Of course, I've also looked for God in some places and wished God's presence was a little more revealing. Cancer. Divorce. Meanness. Politics. Gossip. Poverty. Greed. Illness.

While these instances don't draw the attention of the celebrity-crazed web-surfing world, they are nonetheless worthy of mention here.

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