Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soundtrack in Your Head

It happened near the beginning of NBC’s Olympics coverage of the snowboard half-pipe, where athletes fling themselves towards the stars while simultaneously spinning, turning, and flipping. The announcers were talking about the next American who would be competing. His name is Louie Vito, the charming 21-year-old from Columbus, Ohio. Some of you might remember him for his brief stint on that other sporting event, Dancing with the Stars!

Just as he was about to push off the from the starting gate, we watched as he pulled something out of his pocket and appeared to manipulate some device before putting it away and starting his run.

What was that, we both exclaimed? It was his iPod! Yes, this Olympic athlete prefers to compete with music playing in his ears. I cannot help but think we all do the same thing.

Not that I preach with earbuds in, or that you take calls, teach classes, or attend business meetings with downloaded songs playing in your ears. I mean to suggest that we all have some sort of soundtrack playing in our minds. We all have a tune that plays over and over. Whether it's literal music, or some audio track that plays as we go about our day, I believe we all have noise in our heads most of the time.

What does your soundtrack sound like? Is it upbeat? Does it inspire you to do better? Does it lift your spirits? Or is your mind cluttered with the tune that says you won’t succeed? Does it bring you down? Does it steer you wrong?

If you have the right soundtrack in your head – the tune that is leading you to a deeper relationship with Jesus – then are you following it? Paul, the church-planter, teacher and author of half of the New Testament, at one point admits that while his mind directs him rightly, his flesh still pushes him the wrong way. He knows better, but has a difficult time acting it out. Read it here in Romans 7.

Are you listening to the right stuff? If yes, then great. Now do it. If your soundtrack doesn’t sound right, why do you keep listening? Try reading and listening to something better to lead you through the paths and twists of life. Start in Proverbs, and listen to how simple wisdom can change your life.

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