Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Building Projects of Note Started This Past Sunday

This past Sunday, people started an extreme project to build a house in a week. It is amazing what happens when people pull together for a great cause. But did you know this past Sunday was the start of another massive building project? Dare I say, one that will have as much or more of an impact than even the Extreme Home Makeover build?

Sunday, February 21 was the launch of a new United Methodist Church in Columbus, named The Ridge. Started by Jimmy and Shannon McIlrath, who were with us in the Fall to talk about the new church, they had over 300 people in worship on Sunday! But what they are building is part of an even larger story…

Over a decade ago, United Methodists in South Georgia committed to renewing something they believed could change people’s lives. They began to place people and resources into efforts to start new and jumpstart existing churches. It worked. Consider this; in 2009, almost 6000 new people were in worship because of the NRCD ministry that was dreamed up those ten years ago. Think with me how awesome this is! That is like a small town. Shane Green, our Columbus DS, wrote recently about the benefits.

"The money raised here really does make a difference. Through this effort we start new churches. Not only is it exciting and proactive, but we’re being obedient to the Gospel mandate to make disciples. This effort helps us to see beyond ourselves. One of the greatest temptations for a pastor and church is to be inward-focused. We want to grown our church; we want to take care of our members. Though this is a vital part of the ministries of the local church, without an outward-focus, we can become short-sighted, self-centered, and greedy. A healthy church is both inward and outward in her ministries.

Opportunities to give, especially financially, to worthy endeavors present themselves nearly everyday. I believe donations given to the Kingdom Builders Ministry of the South Georgia Conference go a long way in making disciples, and truly building the Kingdom. Grace and Peace to you, Scott

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