Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well Worth It

   How do we value what we do? Popular commercials on television suggest that some things are priceless, implying that some experiences are beyond measuring in terms of cash value. I would agree.
   What about in the church? Are there some experiences that bring value above any monetary description?  For instance, can a value be put on the impact that was had on the children, families, and volunteers who were with us last week at Vacation Bible School?  Can such an experience, touching hundreds of lives, be translated into a figure?  I think we'd all agree the answer is no.
   On Monday of this week I made a 16-hour trip across the state to Epworth by the Sea and back at the invitation of our Bishop James King, to participate in a three hour thinking-session.  The topic was around how to connect ministers and laypeople even better to achieve our Kingdom work.  Upon leaving the meeting, and turning to head home, any number of us asked the obvious question: was it worth it to have 100 people drive from all over to attend?  The truth is, the answer to that is yet to be determined.  We'll know more based on how our work turns out, which might take years to develop, but the start is very promising.
   Which is precisely true in the church, as well. We work now, invest now, and spend now, all with the hope of future returns.  We prayerfully put forth energy and resources in the now because we believe in the future.  Not just with children, but with every person who enters the life of this church.  Jesus referred to the difference between treasures that can be stored here on earth versus those stored in heaven (Matthew 6).  Epworth is filled with people investing in Kingdom treasure.  Well done, church.

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