Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everyone Should Try It For 21 days

Experience is the greatest teacher.
Thomas Taylor in the year 1617, 
quoting an ancient Latin saying

   We know this to be true. We learn best by doing.  We can grasp the nuances, and get a hold of the concepts better when we are a part of the action.  Books are amazing tools, and conversations with wise persons are priceless gifts - but there is something unparalleled about the lessons learned from actually experiencing something.
   Earlier this week, I listed to a friend share with me their opinions on the 'state of the world', and heard their take on how things had changed in the past two decades.  My friend is more than a generation my elder, but we saw things almost exactly the same way.  Society is changing, and every fabric of our lives is affected.  Work, family, travel, communication, entertainment, values...and friendship.  Some of it for the good - some not so good. But the change is undeniable.
   As we start the new year, we'll be listening in to ancient ideas and truths, found in our Holy Scriptures, about friendship and relationships.  But in order for us to get the nuances of how friendship looks in 2011, I am proposing everyone try something together for three weeks: Facebook.

   I want everyone to join Facebook. It costs nothing, requires basically that you have an email address, and takes just minutes to get started.  Then for those who start this coming week, or for those who are already on Facebook, I want everyone to log on once a day for 21 days.  Why you ask?  Because Facebook is the single most influential force on relationships in the world today, and every person, of every generation, could stand to learn some things about how Facebook is shaping our children, our neighbors, our coworkers, and even our parents!  You can easily deactivate your account when you are done, but for now I'd like everyone who reads this to join the other 500 Million people who are 'connecting'. or so they say, on Facebook.  Simply go to www.facebook.com to get started.
   I believe if we are going to convince the world that Jesus' way of living is the best possible way to live - if we stand by our claim that our lives are radically better because of the truths we believe - then we also have to speak and know the language of the world.  More and more that language is spoken on Facebook.
   See you on Sunday, Scott

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