Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scarcity Is A Lie - God Is Still Adding To The Universe

   We've talked before about the size of God's creation.  It is overwhelming in its scope.  I suggest that is it a lie for any of us to focus on scarcity, when God has created so very much and wants to provide for us.  Yet, that is the very fear everyone of us faces.
   Genesis 1:17 says, "God also made the stars." I believe that. Men and women have spent thousands of years gazing upward trying to learn and understand that kind of power. The 1920's saw significant contributions to our understanding of the universe and the galaxies beyond our own.  It was in 1929 that Edwin Hubble released his findings of something new and amazing: all of the galaxies in Creation are moving away from us, and the furthest galaxies are actually moving away fastest. His findings were based on a new discovery known today as Red Shift.  As the light source, in this case distant stars, moves away and the light-waves increase and get longer, the color shifts towards the red end of the spectrum.  With this discovery it was proven that the universe is still expanding!  God is still creating.
   For me, these ideas and discoveries speak directly to so much of what I believe about God's work in the world. Our fears of scarcity and our worries about running out of what we need are misguided.  God's agenda has always been for our care and our growth, and here I see science supporting the claim that God is still active in the world working on God's agenda.  God is not done.  God is still at work. 
   I can think of no time more critical than now for our world, our nation, our church, and our own lives to hear this word.  God is at work.  Let us seek to align all of the 'stars' in our lives that we might be all working together for God's Kingdom agenda.  Let us be those committed to growth, to healing, to restoration, and to excellence.
   Grace and Peace, Scott

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