Monday, November 28, 2011

Finding The Things That Are Right

   There is a social media explosion happening in the world. Many people know it by the names of the most popular websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and maybe Flickster or Tumblr. People increasingly visit these sites to connect, to be inspired, to vent, to learn, and to seek advice. For as radical and even unconventional as this may seem to many, social media is becoming the new best friend/news outlet/therapy session/matchmaker/communications tool for hundreds of millions of people around the world. People are increasingly learning and commenting about the world online.
   One of the social media platforms rapidly gaining in popularity is a site called; it has grown 800% since March of this year. I first learned about it from Blaire Morris, and joined it a couple of weeks ago to 'stay hip.' Pinterest is like an online scrapbook that you share with your friends. Pinterest allows you to keep all your ideas and inspirations in one visually appealing place called a board. People create them about all sorts of topics, but many are about fashion, decorating, art, or photography. Since I know very little about any of those, one of the first boards I created was called "Things Right in the World." I have images of Mother Teresa and Methodist missionaries at work, among others.
   Good things are a topic that gets far too little attention. Bad things get more attention than good. Our eyes, our ears, and and our minds are trained to see, hear, or notice the mistakes, errors, and failures. It is especially true when we talk about the world. We are quick to talk and agree about all of the things that are going wrong, but when pressed to talk about what is right, it is much harder to find consensus. 
   Our Missions Committee wants us to see good things and offer our support. Helping our neighbors in great need this Christmas season makes my list of things that are right. The Epworth Christmas Offering goes to support three of our key partners in ministry with specific goals in mind: Open Door Community House ($2000), the Wynnton Neighborhood Network ($1000), and Brown Bag of Columbus ($1000), and the total received will be shared among them. I received a $500 check this past week for this very effort that, when combined from the Love Light Sunday offerings, puts over $1000 towards our ambitious goal. If you feel led to give beyond your regular contribution to Epworth making a gift in honor or memory of loves ones, or you can receive a certificate to give as a present at Christmas. 
   May we be those who see the right and name it. May we be those who see good happening...and join in. Grace and Peace to you.

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