Sunday, November 20, 2011


   More and more, winning is seen in a negative light.  Rightfully so, as some people see winning as so important that playing within the rules or thinking about others are ignored.  Of course, Charlie Sheen made the phrase infamous in a rant earlier this year, as he lashed out at coworkers and his bosses over their unwillingness to enable to his craziness any longer.  ‘Win at all costs’ is the creed by which some folks live, and it has expanded the bounds of what success looks like beyond decency and morals. 
   It is a shame that winning has been brought low by those who have only their gain in mind.  Instead, I’d like to think of winning as the goal for every team, group, or organization.  Not to make others losers but surely to give every person a goal in which to strive. Coach Mike Krzyzewski, this week, set the all-time records for wins in men’s college basketball (read the story here). He earned seven of his record 903 wins from the twelve games he coached against the Georgia Tech teams on which I worked! Nonetheless, he makes winning something to be admired.
   What does winning look like for our church?  What is the goal that every person in the church is pulling toward?  If our journey were seen as a race, do we agree on where the finish-line is located?  Are we all headed in the same direction? I have said before,

A win happens every time a person is lead into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and then sent out to bring about change for the Kingdom. 

   Of course, this requires a team effort. It calls for the right equipment, the right strategy, the right people, and a united Spirit. We have so much of that right here. Just like any other team event, winning for the church takes time and it takes determination.
   I have been so blessed to stand alongside the great women and men of this church as we seek God’s Kingdom wins. I’m looking forward to the distances we’ll run together towards the goal stretched out before us. Grace and Peace, Scott

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