Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"don't bring a water gun to fight a fire." modern wisdom

   Our own Lieutenant Mike Morris, of the Columbus Fire & EMS, knows better. Each call that comes in requires specific deployment of resources. It is not always so simple, but sometimes the truth is 'the more water the better.'
   Few of you would be surprised to know we helped over 15+ local and regional missions and ministries with donated items or monies in 2011. Our Epworth Christmas Offering, which brought in over $3600 at the end of the year alone, is just one small measure of the great generosity of this congregation. Each ministry is 'fighting fire on the front lines' to help bring about a Christ-like world, as Bishop James King is fond of saying. However, the question has been raised: could we do more good by narrowing down the number of agencies we help, and thus significantly increase how we help?
   Our Missions Committee is leading is in just that manner. They have selected 4 agencies here locally that we are elevating to being the primary outlets for our service and gifts.
Open Door Community House
Wynnton Neighborhood Network
Our Ministry of Feeding at Rose Hill UMC
Allen Elementary School
   It really goes without saying that each of these groups does amazing, and at the same time, uniquely different work in our community as they serve our neighbors. We want to partner even more with them to serve.
  The other thing about these three agencies, is that each of them would be benefited from the 3 Forms that Missions takes in the local church. Each is connected to our hands:
Using our hands to donate items of specific need
Using our hands to make monetary contributions
Using our hands to build, assemble, and directly help an agency.
   This is going to allow us to focus our efforts and passions at an even greater amount into ministries that are bringing about real change in the lives of our neighbors. This allows us to direct even more "water" onto the fires that we know are around us: poverty, hunger, a lack of connection, and a need to strengthen families. Every other month or so, we're going to lead our congregation, and others that join us, toward hands-on projects that have an infinite capacity for volunteers. This month that will happen on Wednesday, January 25 at 6:45 PM in our Fellowship Hall, as we prepare to-go bags and write prayers for the people who attend the Rose Hill Feeding Ministry our church leads. In March, we'll have a great group walking in the Open Door Walk Classic, as that event moves onto CSU's main campus.
   All of this is very exciting. I want you to commit to being a part of it. Remember, we gather  at Epworth to worship and grow for the purpose of going out to be great neighbors. Grace and Peace, Scott

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