Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank You Jim Morpeth, founder of Country's Barbecue

   I want to begin by saying thank you, then take a couple of moments to say why. So, here goes, "Thank you, Jim Morpeth." I read the piece that ran on Monday in the Ledger-Enquirer (find it here), and I was impressed and appreciative. 
   As for why I am thankful, let me be clear; it is not only for the amazing food served up at any of your three locations. I love your food. I especially love the skillet apples...I have some every time I dine with you and your great team of co-workers.  I am also thankful for your sponsorship of last month's Reindeer Run to support the Children's Miracle Network...my wife and I and our two boys had a great time! But the neither the delicious meals you serve up or the charity work you do are what is prompting me to write a note of thank you today.
   I want to thank you for being generous with your praise of others. Specifically, in the article in the Ledger-Enquirer (you really should read it here), you seemed to naturally flow into talking about others in the community and sharing your appreciation for them. I loved it. It was genuine, and it was classy. It is not something that happens enough, anymore. 
   You made three different references to our great downtown community. Your first reference was to another dining establishment around the corner from your Broadway location: Fountain City Coffee. Not only were your complimentary, but you were specific in your praise. That is how to be genuine and to build others up. You then made a quick mention of the local vendors who participate in the sidewalk market when the weather is warmer. Finally, you finished with a great word of affirmation for the Springer Academy and the work of Ron Anderson. I know we've had folks from our congregation who have participated in it, and they share your deep thankfulness. 
   Jesus taught and modeled such behavior. One fascinating story that comes to my mind is told in  Mark 9. The disciples tell Jesus about another person, outside of their own inner circle, who was doing good work on his own, and they wanted Jesus to help them put a stop to it, but he wouldn't. The truth he shared that day that he wants us to know is this: every person working for good in the world is working on the same team! 
   So thanks for seeing the world in such a glorious, and grand manner. Thanks for sharing with all of us your humility and appreciation for what others are doing. Thanks for reminding us that we are not all working against each other...that good deeds should be celebrated by everyone. Grace and Peace, Scott.

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