Wednesday, July 31, 2013

There’s No Place Like Home, By Frances Phillips

   I head back to Athens, Georgia in a little over a week. According to my dear friend, Scott Hagan, a land of heathens and sin awaits me. I happen to disagree, as would 92,746 of my closest friends that will fill Sanford Stadium on Saturdays, this semester. As I begin to pack and get ready to move into my new apartment, I reflect on this summer and all the amazing things that have happened here. I spent this past summer serving the church I love as the Children’s Ministry Intern. I have sewn crooked fair vests, jumped down bouncy slides, bowled a few strikes and danced “The Twist”. I have loved every minute of my busy summer here.
    I could have sewn, jumped, bowled or danced with anyone, but the people who surrounded me this summer have made these activities more enjoyable than I could have imagined. Excited and willing members who love each other and love their children fill Epworth. Epworth people are invested in the lives of each other and desire sincere connections even if it means supervising inflatables or missing part of a movie to divide popcorn and drinks among thirty children and adults. These selfless volunteers continued to amaze me every week. I have made many new friends this summer and have grown in my relationships with old friends. For this, I am thankful.
    This summer I have experienced the real and tangible love of God. Not only did I experience it with Epworth people, but I experienced it through them. Our church rendered over sixty Vacation Bible School volunteers and over thirty Wacky Wednesday volunteers. This is incredible! My confidence in the success of each of our events rested in the security of these devoted and reliable volunteers. Epworth people take care of each other. I have never felt more loved and encouraged than I have this summer. I appreciated all of the positive words and regular phone calls offering service to our ministry and Epworth’s very loved and blessed children.
    Epworth is the place I have called home for over twenty years now. This church family has guided me through childhood and awkward pre-teen years and now leads me into adulthood. I proudly claim a beautiful family that loves and supports each other unconditionally. Thank you for being great, thank you for loving me and each other, but most importantly, thank you for providing the community with a place they can call home. 

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