Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Is Your Cold Water?

   I don't like jumping into cold water. I don't even like jumping into lukewarm water. A hundred people, already frolicking in the pool or lake or ocean, can tell me that the temperature is fine after you get in, but such truths means nothing to the voice inside that says otherwise about that initial shock to my skin.
   The other day I stood at the gate on the pontoon boat for upwards of five minutes. I really don't like jumping in cold water. The boys were playing a little distance away in the calm waters of Lake Oliver, but I stood on the boat trying to overcome some inner push that said, "Don't do it." Finally, someone asked what was I doing. My reply was simple, "I just have to jump in." I jumped in within a few seconds after the words left my mouth, but not before this bulletin article jumped into the lukewarm waters of my mind. 
   Matthew 14 tells of how the disciples, in a fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee, come upon Jesus walking on the water. They are frightened, but Peter boldly requests a chance to join Jesus on the water. Oh, how unlike Peter I am. Peter just steps out there. He sees what he wants and he goes for it. Now he soon gets all wet because of his lack of faith, and his singular focus will get him into trouble quite often. Peter is not perfect, but there is something to be said for the Peters who just jump in. 
   How many of us stand on the edge, with goodness and joy and, dare I say, the very blessings of God before us, but struggle to overcome the initial shock to our system that such faith and movement will bring? How many of us allow silly obstacles like mending fences, or forgiveness, or new circumstances, or being vulnerable, or even possibly failing, keep us from the good that might come? 
   To be honest, this goes far beyond cold water. It is the fear of not knowing. It is wanting to be able to control more than is possible. It is wanting to avoid the uncomfortable. Faith is different. Faith says regardless of what might come, it will be okay. 
   Will you jump in? What is stopping you?
   Grace and Peace, Scott

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