Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What We Choose to Remember and Forget

  I cannot remember things the way I used to. I, also, do not remember things the way I used to. 
  How many of us used to keep dozens of phone numbers in our heads? Of course, phone numbers were shorter when I was growing up (only seven digits) and were even shorter before I was born. But, it is not just that numbers are longer. We don’t have to remember them now because devices, other than our brains, have been introduced to remember them for us, namely our phones or tablets or notebooks. The world is changing the way we remember things. 
  There does remain some things that many of us don’t have any trouble remembering. We can hold on to them for years, decades, a lifetime, even. It is in our nature to hold on to a record of those who have wronged us. Even when apologies have been exchanged, we struggle so very much to let go. We cannot blame new technology on this truth: we are not good at forgiving and letting go. 
  I ran across this little poem that my grandfather Carlton clipped and passed on to our family’s newest pastors for our own ministries of preaching and teaching in South Georgia Methodist churches. Truth be told, this one is helpful for my own life and not just what I preach to others! We need to forget some things and remember others. 
  I am very excited about our series of teaching that begins this weekend in worship, at both our 9:00 AM Blended and 11:00 Traditional services. It’s called “Forgiveness: Letting Go to Find Peace.” I have a feeling you need to be here. Grace and Peace, Scott

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