Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Word about our Church Conference on Monday, February 3

   By now, we hope everyone has received word about the Church Conference that Dr. Buddy Cooper has approved Epworth to hold on this coming Monday, February 3, at 6:30 PM, in our Fellowship Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend. Members of Epworth, who are present, can vote.
   Prior to the Conference, we want to introduce the plans and concepts that will be presented on Monday. We also want to bring everyone up-to-date with some of the progress and obstacles the Building Committee experienced in regard to the plans previously approved by our Church. You will recall that we met on Sunday, February 26, 2012, to hear and act on a recommendation to purchase property on Manchester Expressway for the purpose of increasing visibility, paving a driveway, and expanding our parking in the rear of the church. The Church approved these plans with an 87% vote of support. We entered into a contract with the sellers in September 2012. Unfortunately, that contract expired without the sellers ever being able to provide evidence of a clear title that we could trust. We have little confidence that this will change in the near future. Therefore, we have moved on to focus on projects that can be completed based on funds available and the priorities of our congregation.
   The recommendation on Monday will include details for two projects and ideas about some others. The first project concerns plans for expanding the rear parking lot, which currently has 26 spaces, to 56 spaces. The design also calls for a more accessible driveway at the corner of Southgate and Lancelot streets. The second project involves renovations to most of the existing hallways of the church, beginning in the rear sections. This would entail removing the current ‘low-hanging’ ceilings, removing old HVAC duct-work, then installing new sheetrock walls, new higher ceilings, and new carpet for most of the hallways. The ceilings in the front of the church would also be replaced and the block walls near the Glass Meditation Garden entrance would be covered in smooth sheetrock.
   We believe the need for additional parking is a top priority. With more people entering at the rear of the church, updating those hallways would make our church’s interior match the excellent look of our exterior. These projects will enhance the experience of our members and the regular stream of visitors who join us every week.
   Handouts with drawings and figures for these two projects will be provided Monday night. In addition, we would like to dream into the future about other, smaller projects, to be undertaken. Our desire is to seek the funds, kept by the Columbus District, from the Hamp Stevens Memorial congregation that merged with Epworth in 2006. 
   We look forward to questions, discussion, and progress on Monday, at 6:30 PM
Steve Sawyer, Building Committee Construction Chair
Leslie Morris, Building Committee Finance Chair
Scott Hagan, Pastor

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