Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Epworth Vision Team Starts This Month

   Every Christian lives in service to God. None of us performs such service perfectly, but all of us are working towards God's Kingdom goals. Paul captures this idea in Romans 8:28. Probably the best understanding of how we serve is captured in the idea of stewardship. I am not talking about financial stewardship. I am talking about something larger. All that we have comes through God's goodness. We are stewards over God's goodness to us. We are challenged to invest it, grow it, share it and return it.
   The leaders of Epworth are stewards. We are stewards over abundant blessings, dynamic families, a rich history and a promising future. For as much as we have going for us, I believe something is missing. We are doing okay where we are right now. Good things are happening and lives are being changed. We are in a nice season of the ongoing ministry of maintenance  - worship, Sunday School, and even improvements to our buildings and ground. But, is this enough? This season will end. I think we are missing answers to important questions; Where are we headed next? Who are we called to be? Who are we called to serve? What is our mission, our purpose, our reason?
   I am convinced that God has the perfect answer for all of that and that God is ready to share it (and already sharing it) with leaders from our congregation. I am excited to share the names of twelve who have accepted a spot on our Epworth Vision Team. There will be awesome opportunities for input from the whole congregation as we move forward, too. This will be a short-term journey of working through a process to listen for God's leading that will have long-term influence.
   The first meeting of this group happens later this month. The process is lengthy. It might last six months or more. But, the desired product is important so we will treat the process that way, too. Right now, I ask everyone to be in prayer for the team and for God's leading in our lives.
Janet Cheraisi
Kelley Conkle
Scott Hagan
Jamie Johnson
Leslie Morris
Diane Morris
Carson Revell
Quinley Russell
Steve Sawyer
Bobby Smith
Andy Unger
Millard Wilson

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