Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Your Four Life Legends

Four Living Legends: Bench, Aaron, Koufax, Mays (l-r)
   Known as the Midsummer Classic, the game between the best of the National League and the best of the American League dates back to its inauguration in 1933. The greatest of all time have made up the rosters since. This week's game was  no different in that regard, but did feature something additional. In the moments before the ump yelled "Play ball" at Tuesday's All-Star game, the past met the present at midfield in a special moment of recognition. After twenty-five million votes were cast, the four greatest living players were introduced to the fans gathered in Cincinnati. Titled the Four Living Legends, the list included the pitcher Sandy Koufax, catcher Johnny Bench, and outfielders Willie Mays and Hank Aaron - the true Home Run King.  Now, if you have ever been a fan of baseball in your life, you can appreciate how difficult compiling such a list would be. But, I have to say that they probably got it right. Mays and Aaron are shoe-ins, and Bench and Koufax played the game right and at a high-level for years.
   The thought of narrowing down legendary performers into a small list started me thinking about some of the people who have performed at high levels in my life. Who are the four people to have had the greatest impact on who I am? Which prompts the next question; what are the measures or qualities I value the most in my relationships?
   What about for you? Who are the four or five or six legends in your life? Maybe it comes back around to grace and peace. Who are the  people who have offered you grace and peace most consistently? Who are the people who have told you - with words and acts - that you are valued, accepted, and a joy in the eyes of God? Who have helped you embrace the peace in the right now that God offers?
   The truth is, my life has been made of up of a truly All-Star roster of family, friends, mentors and teachers who have offered me grace and peace. May we all draw closer to those who are still living, and cherish those who have passed on. Grace and Peace to you, Scott

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