Friday, August 14, 2015

Out in the World and back in Church

   They say you cannot be in two places at once. 
   On Wednesday afternoon, Julie and I, along with hundreds of others, found our places on the bleachers of Joseph Sumrall Stadium at Bonaire Middle School to watch the first football scrimmage of the season. Sitting there along the 50 yard line, as boys played on both ends of the field the coaches had divided in half, gave us plenty to see. But, the stands were just as entertaining. There were kids walking around for attention, siblings wishing to go home, and parents enduring the heat in order to get some glimpse of future gridiron glory. 
    Before the game had ended I was out of the heat and in the very comfortable confines of our church building. It was the first night of Wednesdays@Bonaire and the meal before me was delicious. There was a good crowd gathered, as well. Dee Dee is a great cook and you cannot beat the value provided for $6 for adults and $4 for kids. After having our bodies nourished, opportunities to provide for our hearts and souls abounded. Matt and Courtney were excellent talking about their most recent trip to Belize, while tables groups and choirs were also getting started. Children sang and learned before later playing in the hallways. 
   Of course, not every week will be about firsts. But, I think every week for everyone of us should follow a similar pattern. I believe we are called to be out in the world and also back in church. While Paul said we are not to be conformed to the world (Romans 12), he did not say we are to avoid the world altogether. The call on Christians is rarely to separate from the world. Instead, we are to engage the world. How else can we be the salt and light Jesus spoke of in Matthew 5? Yet, he is also clear to say that salt can lose its flavor and light can lose its power. I believe this is true for us, too. We need the community to recharge us. We need the Word to revive us. 
   I hope you would consider your own pattern of being out in the world and back in church. This is a perfect time to commit, again, to worship every Sunday morning. And, I would also ask that you consider how Wednesday Supper might be a nice connector midway through the week. Again, the meal is delicious and easy. We have room for 100 people or more and the chance to hear a 30 minute program (we promise to be done by 6:30 every week) is a plus. I would love for you to join me, starting this coming week, as we begin a series of lessons on ancient and modern Israel, a land called holy, weaving images, history and the Scriptures together.
   I hope to see you out in the world and back in church, soon. Grace and Peace, Scott

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