Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Prayer for This Day

O God, our Father, we remember at this time…
How the eternal Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We thank you that Jesus took our human body upon him, so that we can never again dare to despise or neglect or misuse the body, since you made it your dwelling-place.
We thank you that Jesus did a day’s work like any working-man, that he knew the problem of living together in a family, that he knew the frustration and irritation of serving the public, that he had to earn a living, and to face all the wearing routine of everyday work and life and living, and so clothed each common task with glory.
We thank you that he shared in all happy social occasions, that he was at home at weddings and dinners and at festivals in the homes of simple ordinary people like ourselves. Grant that we may ever remember that in his unseen risen presence he is a guest in every home.
We thank you that he knew what friendship means, that he had his own circle of men whom he wanted to be with him, that he knew too what it means to be let down, to suffer from disloyalty and from the failure of love.
We thank you that he too had to bear unfair criticism, prejudiced opposition, malicious and deliberate misunderstanding.
We thank you that whatever happens to us, he has been there before, and that, because he himself has gone through things, he is able to help those who are going through them.
Help us never to forget that he knows life, because he lived life, and that he is with us at all times to enable us to live victoriously.
This we ask for your love’s sake.  Amen.
- from Prayers for the Christian Year by William Barclay

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