Friday, October 28, 2016

In Position to See God

   I tried to stay focused on the words as the young people stood in front of everyone to receive their Bibles. It was difficult. I was really proud of them. What a moment for them, to be recognized for being present and for wanting to learn and grow. Those two traits will take them far in life and faith. The words of the Church in that moment were,

Receive the Word of God. Learn its stories and study its words. Its stories belong to us all, and these words speak to us all. They tell us who we are. They tell us that we belong to one another, for we are the people of God.
I keep returning to the truth captured here; the Bible contains old stories that we grow up to realize are our stories. We are the lost sheep, the wayward son, the parent who celebrates. We are the sinner who comes back, the disciple who still has doubts.
   Our church is literally changing the lives of children every week. It happens because we rely on the Word of God and it happens because of adults who serve with love and grace. 
   The theologian Karl Barth suggested that reading the Bible is like walking out of a building to see everyone standing in place and gazing up at the sky, only to realize that what they are looking at is blocked from your view by the building. From the expressions on their faces, you know you want to see what they are seeing. So, you move yourself into position to see for yourself. I celebrate every parent who is moving their child into position to see what we see in the Bible; the grace of God, the love of Jesus, and the ongoing power of the Spirit.
   Grace and peace, Scott

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