Monday, November 21, 2016

The Next (Huge) Thing You Are Going to Do

   What is it? Think about it: the giant goal, the amazing project, asking him out or asking her to marry you, the next purchase, starting that degree, or transitioning into that career field. What is the next, big thing you think about when you find a little quite time apart from the demands of the right now? Let me come back to that...
   We are all thinking ahead, at least some of the time. The difference between the "get-things-done" folks and the the others who stop at dreaming is that the first group is able to convert their dreams into actionable next steps. Planning for a great future is about taking something too large for today and turning it into small, achievable tasks that move you forward.
   Worship is like this. My goal, every week, is that we would hear from God, we would adjust ourselves back in the right direction, and that we would commit to the Holy Spirit's next steps for us.
   Christmas is like this. Christmas is more than a single day. Christmas is about the amazing truth that God came to earth to save us. It is so big we must approach it in small parts. This is the very reason that the church spends four weeks preparing for Christmas.
   It all starts this weekend, in worship. Christmas is still four weeks away, but we begin the journey now. 
   So, about that next, giant thing from earlier. Have you prayed about it? Have you asked God for feedback? Have you starting making a list? Have you make the napkin-sketch plan for how to get from here to there? Have you shared it with your best friend and asked them to hold you accountable? 
   Grace and peace, to us all, as we look to the future.

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