Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dear Christian in America

Dear Christian in America,

   I know you join me in praying for our elected leaders. Two weeks ago I suggested we pray “Guide our Leaders, Lord.” Let us be vigilant in praying for those who lead us. However, we have our own part to play in the direction of our nation.

   The stakes are high and old ways of behaving are no longer acceptable. There has never been a time in history that more is at stake for our country and for our planet than in these days. Globalization now has us competing for resources in ways never before imagined, cultures are colliding, news travels faster, all the while more nations, and even rogue networks, have access to weapons to advance their agendas. Yet, worse than any missile, there is an even more devastating weapon that is being used in evil ways everyday: half-truths. Christians are as guilty as anyone in repeating them.

   First, we need to stop filtering our news more through who than what. Many people are more concerned with who says something than if what they are saying is true. Whether or not a fact suits your perspective on the latest item in the news does not make it any less or more true. The problem is, sometimes people you disagree with are right. Truth does not have a liberal-conservative bias. The truth is the truth, and regularly comes down for and against both sides. I am as guilty as anyone about ‘considering the source’ when I hear something, but if such consideration clouds my judgment that I miss the truth when I hear it, then I am wrong. And so are you.
   Second, we need to listen more. For as many times as we’ve said it, we need to do it. I really like what Beth Moore said this week: If we’re going to be wise people, we are going to have to let somebody else win the Internet while we actually try to think before we speak. James, the brother of Jesus, also said it well when he penned the words, Know this, my dear brothers and sisters: everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to grow angry (1:19).

   Finally, we need to pray. Pray that God would expose that within us that needs confession and removal. We have taken truth for granted. We have put our trust in people instead of God, and repeated the half-truths we have heard from them. We are a part of the problem, but can be the start of the solution.

   Grace and peace, Scott

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