Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Too Much Defense is Exhausting (Football & Life)

   The outcome of Sunday's Super Bowl was devastating to Falcons fans. The Patriots won, mounting an historic comeback, as the world watched the Falcons fail to stop them on three consecutive drives down the field to end the game. Of course, Tom Brady is great, but I think something else helps explain the final score. Consider this...

The final statistics show that the Patriots' offense was on the field for 93 plays, 
while the Falcons' offense only had 46 plays from scrimmage. 

   The Falcons, early on, were scoring quickly and often. Was it too often? The Falcon's defense was on the field for all 93 of those Patriots' plays. Watching from home, the defensive players were exhausted. They had nothing 'in the tank.' And no wonder, because their teammates on offense left them playing defense, too long.

   We were talking as a staff about how exhaustion is true off the field, too. Karen Clay offered this beautiful analogy from the Old Testament: Job was similarly exhausted from playing defense because of his friends. It would up getting him severely scolded by the Almighty.
   What kind of friend are we? Offering advice, even criticism on occasion, is sometimes needed. But, do we leave people on defense too long? Are we ever encouraging? Do we help people out? Are we willing to carry a burden for them, generous with our time and our praise?
   Let us seek out companions who build us up. The Apostle Paul was right to say, "Don't be deceived, bad company corrupts good character (1 Corinthians 15:33)." For, we too want to one day receive the trophy held for those found faithful. Grace and peace, Scott

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