Thursday, July 27, 2017

A small but important change sitting in front of you...

   The best research shows what every parent already knows - children move through phases every year of their young lives as they grow and change physically and emotionally, and in intelligence and personality. Whatever is happening with a child - be it good or bad - is Just a Phase!
   We are committed to being a place where children are able to thrive in every phase. With that in mind, Bonaire Church is returning to a tradition of having children in worship with us. This means that in the beginning of each Sunday service, your child will worship right alongside you! We want the younger members of our church to feel comfortable and welcome in the big worship environment as they grow up – especially for children who will be aging out of Children’s Church within the next couple of years.
   Our families with small children have already received this news in a couple of different pieces of communications over the summer, so I am writing to the rest of the church. Starting August 6th, children will attend the beginning of the service with their parents to sing, pray and participate before being dismissed to spend the remainder of the service in Children’s Church. Families have options; preschoolers thru first graders will have the option to be checked into the nursery before the service and then join the older kids halfway through the hour.
   We are sure of these things when it comes to our ministry with Families:

  • No one has more potential to influence a child’s relationship with God than a parent.
  • No one has more potential to influence the parent than the church.

   This change coming August 6 is another way we are continuing to live into these truths. Grace and peace, Scott

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